Brow Beat

Forget Drake and Meek Mill. Key & Peele’s MC Mom Definitely Writes Her Own Rhymes.

This week’s Key & Peele may have been uneven, but the title sketch made up for the jokes that didn’t land. In “MC Mom,” a college student gets a DVD labeled “To my fresh dope son, from MC Mom” in the mail from his mother. His delighted roommates insist on watching the homemade music video, in which the sweater-vest-clad middle-aged matriarch raps a dispatch from home to her embarrassed son. Like the best Key & Peele sketches, this one has more than one twist, as MC Mom segues into a mocking riff on all the “crispy socks” in her son’s bedroom, all before she really goes in. Consider “MC Mom” a retort to the tired comedy trope of the clueless parent trying to rap (which doesn’t make much sense anymore, considering that many of today’s parents grew up listening to hip-hop).

Longtime Key & Peele fans will appreciate the callback to Season 3 in the kicker.