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Watch the Trailer for the James Dean Biopic Life, Starring Robert Pattinson    

In Anton Corbijn’s Life, Robert Pattinson plays Dennis Stock, the photographer for Life magazine who gave us some of the most memorable images of James Dean. The biopic follows Stock and Dean (Dane DeHaan) as they travel together and develop a complex relationship as photographer and subject—just as Dean’s star is beginning to rise. The movie garnered mixed reviews when it played at the Berlin Film Festival in February, but Pattinson and DeHaan look compelling as the latest duo to depict a budding celebrity/journalist bromance. The real question is what DeHaan—joining a long list of actors who’ve played Dean since his death in 1955—will bring to the role of the iconic rebel without a cause. From the trailer, it’s clear he’s got the disillusionment and chain-smoking down pat—and that’s not a bad start.