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Lana Del Rey Sings to a Lost Lover, References David Bowie on New Song “Terrence Loves You”    

With the Sept. 18 release date for Honeymoon fast approaching, Lana Del Rey has shared what she says is her favorite song from the new album. Like title track “Honeymoon,” “Terrence Loves You” is a meandering, melancholy tune that Del Rey calls “jazzy,” but it takes a more energetic turn at the end. As the drums finally kick in during the bridge, she sings, “I put the radio on, hold you tight in my mind/ Isn’t it strange that you’re not here with me …” and then she emphasizes the distance through a surprising David Bowie reference:

But I’m putting all the lights on in the television
Trying to transmit, can you hear me?
Ground control to Major Tom
Can you hear me all night long?
Ground control to Major Tom

In addition to the new song, Del Rey shared the Ultraviolence follow-up’s 14-song tracklist and album art.


Album art:

If you’re curious, you can call the 1-800 number on the album cover, which leads to a “Honeymoon hotline.” On the hotline, you can hear Del Rey philosophizing about the nature of time, for some reason, and you can listen to TED talks and lectures from such high minds as Elon Musk. The hotline also promises that it will have more information about the album in the coming weeks, which might be more relevant to Del Rey fans’ interests.