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This New Key & Peele Sketch May Remind You of One of the Greatest Scenes from The Wire

The premise of “OK,” one of the latest sketches from Key & Peele, is quite simple. The comedic duo plays two girlfriends hanging out at a bar, as one vents furiously to the other about her good-for-nothing boyfriend, and how she’s going to leave him—or not. “My man gets ONE CHANCE!” says Keegan-Michael Key’s character. “One! And then after that he gets one more … and then after that, he’s gonna get THREE STRIKES!”

Her friend’s only response throughout her minutes-long, contradictory rant: “OK!” But Jordan Peele apparently has dozens of different ways to interpret that single word, and it’s a delight to witness him try them all out with each of Key’s lines. It just may remind you of one of the greatest scenes from The Wire, in which another conversation made up almost entirely of a single word conveys a brilliant array of emotions: