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Kendrick Lamar Is at His Multifaceted Best in the “For Free? (Interlude)” Music Video

Kendrick Lamar’s latest music video is for “For Free? (Interlude)?,” one of many brisk, virtuosic stretches on To Pimp a Butterfly in which the rapper unspools a thread of spoken-word brilliance while his band supplies some jazzy accompaniment. The video, which was directed by Joe Weil and the Little Homies, sees Lamar cavorting around a palatial estate, alternating between costumes and personas while pursuing a frustrated lover.  

It’s a very entertaining watch, one pitched at a loonier, more playful level than Lamar’s video for “Alright”. But the rapper’s way with visual metaphor is still sharp: His late transformation into Uncle Sam, as well as the many slave statues scattered around the mansion, betray the song’s darker undertones.