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Josh Groban Set Donald Trump’s Craziest Tweets to Music, and It Was Surprisingly Catchy

In 2011, Josh Groban showed up on Jimmy Kimmel Live to set several of Kanye West’s tweets to music. Groban is one of those rare singers whose comedic instincts match his vocal chops, but in spite of his talents, the sketch seemed a little off target. After all, West is a lot more self-aware than his critics give him credit for being, and several of the tweets that Groban sung weren’t unintentionally funny—they were supposed to be funny.

Happily, Groban has now reprised the tweet-singing shtick in order to make fun of someone who truly has no self-awareness whatsoever: Donald Trump. Groban’s rich tenor and extravagant piano accompaniment are the perfect match for the Republican presidential candidate’s random musings, one-sided feuds, and megalomaniacal rants about “losers and haters.” (Also, Groban’s “Robert Pattinson should not take back Kristen Stewart” is one of the catchiest hooks I’ve heard in a long time, no joke.) Here’s hoping this becomes a recurring segment for at least as long as Trump’s campaign lasts—after all, there’s a lot more material where that came from.