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If Werner Herzog Directed Ant-Man

Ant-Man is now in theaters and boasting decent ticket sales, but once upon a time it was in development hell, its script being tossed back and forth between several directors. Peyton Reed ended up taking the reins, but Patrick Willems’ latest parody trailer asks an important question: What if the film had instead been helmed by Werner Herzog?

A random hypothetical, perhaps, but one that produced the three-minute masterpiece seen above. Willems’ parodies always go beyond mere gimmick—check out his Wes Andersonian take on X-Men—and that’s true here: His trailer nails Herzog’s meditative style, and Scott Thomas perfectly mimics the German’s philosophical narration (“He can lift things 100 times his body weight … but what does this achieve, but to increase his burden, his capacity, for suffering?”). Enjoy.