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This Bleak Alternate Ending to Friends Might Haunt Your Next Netflix Binge    

Lisa Kudrow, Jennifer Aniston, Matthew Perry, and Courteney Cox in 1996.

Photo by MIKE NELSON/AFP/Getty Images

Watching the Friends finale is always upsetting enough—you might get a lump in your throat as the keys hit the counter and the camera zooms onto the gold-framed peephole on the iconic apartment’s purple door. But one fan just kicked the emotional impact up a big notch with an alternate ending. What if the entire show—its characters, their lives, their misguided adventures—were all just figments of a homeless meth addict’s imagination?

The tweet has been making the rounds, and has touched a nerve with good reason—it’s downright depressing, and yet also somewhat plausible, given Phoebe’s relationship with the rest of the friends.

“Me, my girlfriend and our flatmate had been watching Friends all Sunday afternoon,” Gareth Stranks, the sadistic mind behind this story, told the Independent. He added later, “The ‘It was all a dream’ thing is such a cheesy trope, so I thought it would be funny if there was that kind of finale.” I guess that depends on your definition of “funny.”