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Hear the Latest From Fred Armisen and Bill Hader’s Fake ’70s Band—and Get Ready for the EP

Seth Meyers had a sensational musical guest on Monday’s Late Night: Fred Armisen and Bill Hader’s fake ’70s band, the Blue Jean Committee. Clad in enough denim to outfit the cast of a Levi’s commercial, Armisen and Hader gently strummed their instruments as they crooned “Catalina Breeze.” And there are more good vibes where that came from: The band will release a 12-inch EP, Catalina Breeze, on Nov. 20.

This will be the second entry in the band’s discography, after 2014’s “Massachussetts Afternoon,” a single released as part of Fred Armisen’s collection of favorite songs from SNL’s fictional bands. Along with the title track performed on Late Night, the new EP will include six more songs: “Freeway Song,” “Gentle and Soft,” “Going Out to Hollywood,” “Mama You’re a Dancer,” “Mr. Fix It,” and “Walking Shoes.” You can learn more about the Blue Jean Committee when Armisen and Hader’s fictional documentary show on IFC, Documentary Now!, profiles the band later this season.