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Watch a Supercut of Famous Comedians Responding to Hecklers. (Dana Carvey Nails It.)

Stand-up comedy is hard when you’re performing for a friendly audience. Adding hecklers to the mix takes the challenge up several notches. Even the best of the best sometimes lose their cool when random, possibly drunk audience members yell non sequiturs at them, as Digg’s supercut of famous comedians responding to hecklers demonstrates. But although this video contains a fair share of outright abuse and insults—like “You fucking stupid twat,” Lisa Lampenelli’s retort to a pompous audience member—it also shows that some comics have developed alternative methods of shutting hecklers down. Methods like: tactful rejection (Jerry Seinfeld), constructive criticism (Jim Breuer), earnest interrogation (Bill Murray), and improvised smackdowns (Amy Schumer). The best response in this video is probably Dana Carvey’s, who remains in character as the Church Lady as he schools a disruptive audience member, but they’re all worth watching.