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The Lyons Are Scheming Like Always in the Empire Season 2 Trailer

The first full trailer for Empire’s sophomore season is here, and by the looks of it, things aren’t slowing down. Andre—with Cookie by his side—is making a play to remove his father, Lucious, as CEO of Empire Entertainment. But it looks like Lucious won’t be going down without a fight—he calls on Jamal to “handle” the problem. (It’s anyone’s guess on whether or not Jamal will use a balcony like he did in the season finale.) Meanwhile, Jamal and Hakeem battle for greatness and Marisa Tomei stops by to insist that Lucious Lyon is Empire. “Without him, the company is nothing.” We also catch a glimpse of Chris Rock in an orange jumpsuit, presumably as Lucious’ fellow inmate. But the most exciting visitor he has in prison is obviously Cookie. “You miss me?” she asks, to which he replies, “You always were ride or die.” Must run in the family. The show returns Sept. 23.