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Finally, You Can Transform Any Photo Into a Mosaic of Emojis

Are you more “Man of a Thousand Faces” or “Man of a Thousand Screaming Cat Emojis”? With the new tool Emoji Mosaic, you can finally find out. The image converter, developed by Eric Andrew Lewis, a Web developer at the New York Times, allows you to transform any photo into a collage of emojis—and it’s pretty addictive.

Here, for example, is Donald Trump, who is made of chickens, monkeys, pigs, and devil emojis. Also: fried eggs.

Drake is babies, donuts, hamburgers, top hats, and the Russian guardsman in the fur hat.

Emoji Mona Lisa:

Emoji “the most beautiful thing I’ve ever filmed”:

Emoji “Potato Jesus”:

Emoji Sad Keanu:

Emoji Nevermind:

Emoji emoji: