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The 10 Most Beautiful Animated Movies of All Time, in One Video Countdown

CineFix raised some eyebrows when their recent ranking of the 10 Most Beautiful Movies of All Time completely omitted a major category: animation. Not to worry, though, since animation finally gets its due in CineFix’s latest countdown, which is dedicated exclusively to the most gorgeous work in the medium.

CGI, stop-motion, and hand-drawn animation are all recognized alongside less traditional methods, with only the finest visual craftsmanship making the top 10. There are unlikely contenders (The Lego Movie—really?), and omissions that some may find unforgivable (not one of Hayao Miyazaki’s many dazzling films makes the cut), but CineFix brings an impressive amount of knowledge and research to explaining all of their choices. Even the most skeptical viewers may come away with their minds changed, or a new animated masterwork to check out. (You’ll never guess what comes in at No. 1.)