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This The Room-Like Ad Is an Unintentional Parody of Apple Watch Commercials

Do you hate your Apple Watch because it’s too gosh-darn big? Then Aring—which is like the Apple Watch, only a ring that you wear on your finger—might be right for you. In this compelling ad for Aring, a man tries repeatedly to impress his girlfriend Amy by doing very basic tasks on his smartphone (turning on the lights, looking up directions on Google Maps), only to discover that she can do them more quickly with Aring. Somehow he never notices that she’s talking into her knuckle, and so he assumes she’s a genius. By the end, he is clearly head over heels in love with Amy, despite the fact that she can barely contain her disgust for his slow-wittedness.

This ad raises many more questions than it answers. Why are Amy and her boyfriend speaking in English despite the fact that English appears to be neither person’s native language? Why is there a working light bulb sitting in the middle of their dining table? How is it possible that neither Amy nor her boyfriend know how to get to the most iconic landmark in Taipei, or that there’s a metro station right underneath it? In the end, the only sure thing about this ad is that Tommy Wiseau should watch his back, because someone in Taiwan is cribbing his directorial style.

If you’d like to know more about Aring, here’s a powerful explanation of its raison d’être from its website:

We use the smart phone everyday. We have to find the smart phone, wakeup the smart phone, unlock the smart phone, find Apps, choose an App, choose a function and reply many messages from Line, Facebook and more. OMG, we spend a lot of time on smart phone. No! We want to take more time to see the beautiful world, be with our family and have more freedom. Let us try to use the smart phone smarter. One click and speak, ARING will delivery your voice command to the smart phone and then the smart phone will do what you wanna do.