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Amy Schumer Teamed Up With Chuck Schumer to Get Very Serious About Gun Control

Amy Schumer speaks at a gun control press conference with Sen. Chuck Schumer.

Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Following the Trainwreck shooting in Lafayette, Louisiana., Amy Schumer joined her cousin, Sen. Chuck Schumer, for a press conference calling on Congress to get serious about gun control.

“We’re here today to say enough is enough to mass shootings in our schools, our college campuses, our military bases, and even in our movie theaters,” Amy Schumer said. “These shootings have got to stop.”

The senator is pushing for a system that financially rewards states that submit all necessary records for the federal background check system—and penalizes those that don’t. He is also pushing for the Department of Justice to examine states’ standards for involuntary commitment to mental health facilities, and come up with recommended best practices.

“We’ll never know why people choose to do these painful things,” the comedian said, “but sadly we always find out how. … And today’s push makes so much sense, because it seems to address the ‘how.’ ”

This weekend, Sarah Clements, both an Amy Schumer fan and the daughter of a Sandy Hook survivor, wrote an open letter to Schumer, calling for her to be a vocal advocate for gun control. In response, Schumer had tweeted, “Don’t worry I’m on it. You’ll see.”  

Meanwhile, the elder Schumer was grateful for the beefed-up media presence. “I have a lot of press conferences,” the senator reportedly said, “but I almost never get this much attention.”