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“Uptown Funk” as Sung by the Movies Is a Masterpiece. (Don’t Believe Me, Just Watch.)

Still from the video

If you’re wondering why this video is only coming out now, months after the song hit No. 1, you obviously haven’t watched it yet. Mashup master dondrapersayswhat took three months to make this video, and it shows. Each of the more than 280 clips used is carefully selected, from the “too hot” (Spaceballs) to the “hot damn” (Robert Downey Jr. in Tropic Thunder) to the ones used for the dance interludes (Napoleon Dynamite, Morris Day in Purple Rain, and even the truly incredible dance-off from Mac & Me).

Supercutters have been putting together these “as sung by the movies” videos for more than three years now, but they’ve rarely been this good. Turn on closed captioning to see each title listed at the bottom of the screen, but the movies are iconic enough that you probably won’t need it.