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Seth Rogen, J.G.L., and Anthony Mackie Play Three Very Stoned Wise Men in New Trailer

We may have an antidote to this year’s saccharine holiday heart-warmers in The Night Before, which promises, if nothing else, a ton of debauchery and drug montages. In this raucous trailer, Seth Rogen, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Anthony Mackie play three bros being tragically torn apart by the pressures of adult life: Rogen’s girl has a bun in the oven, and Mackie is “too fucking famous to hang out with us anymore.” As is commanded in all broligious sacred texts, the three unite for a (holiday-themed) swan song. Cocaine snorting, heartfelt “Wrecking Ball” karaoke performances, cameos from Mindy Kaling and Lizzy Caplan, and a really questionable nativity scene activity ensue. The movie hits theaters Nov. 25.