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In The Affair’s Season 2 Trailer, There Are More Than Two Sides to Every Story

Maura Tierney.

Still from YouTube

When we last checked in on The Affair, Showtime’s drama about the illicit tryst between Brooklyn writer Noah and Montauk waitress Alison, some had soured on the show’s dual point-of-view format. But the second season will offer no reprieve from said format. In fact, the show has literally doubled down on its premise, with the new trailer teasing not just Noah and Alison’s perspectives, but those of their spurned spouses, Cole (Joshua Jackson) and Helen (Maura Tierney).

It’s an interesting, possibly brilliant move. Many viewers, this guy included, believed the first season suffered by focusing too much on the affair itself, when the supporting characters—Maura Tierney especially—were the most compelling people on screen. Of course, this further fracturing of the narrative may just dilute the show’s already-tenuous thrills; we’ll have to wait until the fall to find out.