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This Cover of Taylor Swift’s “Style” on the Harp Is Surprisingly Beautiful

Emilie & Ogden are not your typical musical duo: Emilie is singer-songwriter Emilie Kahn. Ogden is a harp. Together, though, they do what all good musical duos do—they make music, in this case an ethereal cover of Taylor Swift’s “Style.”

Swift’s synth-pop single and the delicacy of the harp make for an unlikely combination, but it’s one that works. “Style” was Taylor Swift’s only single from 1989 not to reach No. 1, despite being one of the best tracks on the album, as Slate’s Chris Molanphy has pointed out. Kahn’s cover manages to coax a fragility out of the song that was buried under the ’80s-influenced thumping beat of the original, and the result is remarkable.