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Tina Fey and Amy Poehler Finally Play Sisters in the First Trailer for Their New Comedy

Watch the throne.

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At this point, the best-friendship of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler is the stuff of legend. Over their 22 years as partners in comedy, they’ve anchored Weekend Update together, they’ve thrice hosted the Golden Globes together, and they’ve written adorable love letters and acrostic poems to each other. Of their chemistry on the set of Baby Mama, actress Holland Taylor told Parade, “They’re like sisters. They’re like Scottie and Westie puppies in a basket.”

While I’m still hoping for the Tina-and-Amy vehicle Scottie and Westie Puppies in a Basket, they’ll finally play siblings in the new comedy Sisters, and the first trailer came online Wednesday morning.

The movie, the first feature written by longtime Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock writer Paula Pell (who Fey and Poehler also profiled as “SNL’s Secret Weapon” in the issue of Entertainment Weekly they guest-edited), and the second feature from director Jason Moore (who started strong with Pitch Perfect) stars the pair as sisters who reunite to clear out their childhood home—after throw one last house party.

Focusing on Fey and Poehler’s chemistry seems like a wise decision, and the movie will unsurprisingly also feature a number of SNL stars and alums, including Maya Rudolph, Bobby Moynihan, Rachel Dratch, and Kate McKinnon, along with the WWE-wrestler-turned-sudden-comedy-star John Cena. The R rating means there must be a lot they’re not showing us, but this already looks like one more reason to be excited for this Christmas.