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Watch Lady Gaga Bring the House Down by Nailing “La Vie en Rose” in Two Languages

In case you weren’t convinced by her Sound of Music medley at this year’s Oscars, here’s some more proof that Lady Gaga can sing—and in more than one language, at that.

During a surprise appearance at a well-known jazz club following a performance with Tony Bennett at the Copenhagen Jazz Festival, Gaga belted out “La Vie en Rose” with mostly spot-on French pronunciation. (This wasn’t the first time she’s knocked this performance out of the park: In May, she gave a more formal performance at the Hollywood Bowl. She’s also held her own in French-language radio interviews.) Gaga’s version of the Edith Piaf standard is an emotional and technical tour de force—dramatic, sexy, and impassioned, and as Piaf tributes go, she gives Marion Cotillard a run for her money.