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In Key & Peele, Telemarketer Hangs Up on You

For anyone who’s ever dealt with a relentless telemarketer, it’s almost too farfetched to imagine: What if they were the ones hanging up on you? In Key & Peele’s new sketch, Keegan-Michael Key gets an unsolicited call from a faceless telemarketer, but before he can even finish expressing his lack of interest, the line disconnects. When he repeatedly calls back to confront the rude telemarketer who refuses to hear him out, the sketch starts to look more like a horror movie, complete with ominous music and a creepy stress doll the faceless telemarketer won’t stop squeezing. Telemarketers, take note: This gimmick might just be crazy enough to work! (Or maybe it won’t, but if it doesn’t, your customers were probably never going to buy the vacation package anyway.)