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Jon Stewart Comes Clean on His Favorite Daily Show Guests—and What He’s Always Scribbling

With the end of The Daily Show creeping ever closer, Jon Stewart took the opportunity last night to answer questions submitted by fans on Twitter—but not willingly. Correspondents Hasan Minhaj and Jordan Klepper grilled the Daily Show host for answers, using cruel interrogation tactics to hit him where it hurts most: his New Jersey roots. Among other methods to get Stewart to talk, Minhaj and Klepper attacked pizza and Springsteen, two of the state’s most sacred institutions, and both dear to Stewart’s heart.

Of course, Stewart being who he is, he couldn’t resist a few funny non-answers, including a surprising revelation about one of his favorite guests, former U.S. president and humanitarian Jimmy Carter. Once Minhaj and Klepper wore him down, though, Stewart finally cleared up some longtime Daily Show mysteries for real, including how the cities on the globe ticker hanging over Stewart’s desk are chosen and what he’s always scribbling on those blue notes of his.

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