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The Foo Fighters Covered “Seven Nation Army” With Dave Grohl’s Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr. Lew Schon, rock star.

Still from YouTube

Last month, as the Foo Fighters were playing in Sweden, Dave Grohl tumbled off the stage and broke his leg. The mishap didn’t really slow him down: He returned to finish the concert, then designed an outlandish throne to sit on for the rest of the tour. But on Sunday, as the Fighters played Fenway Park, Grohl thanked his orthopedic surgeon by inviting him to sing “Seven Nation Army” with the band.

You may have expected a timid, slightly bookish showing, but turns out Dr. Lew Schon is something of a rock god, one who can flail and wail like a bona fide legend. He gives a robust, full-throated performance, if also a humorous (humerus?) one; perhaps the band should consider adding a new member.