The Spot

Watch Clint Dempsey Do His Best Carli Lloyd Impersonation

Today’s quarterfinal Gold Cup soccer match between the United States and Cuba has been full of surprises. It started when four players defected from the Cuban team. Even without that advantage, the U.S. was expected to breeze through easily. But the early highlight of the game came when Clint Dempsey, the perennial hero dubbed “Captain America” in last year’s World Cup, scored a beautiful header off a perfectly placed cross from teammate Timothy Chandler. Watching this kind of style, pizzazz, and confidence on the pitch from the USMNT is still a treat.

And while Dempsey has spent his career relegated to the lowly No. 8, he scored his third goal of the tourney just 3:22 into the match—proving the U.S. boys can hang as well as the women.