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Cara Delevingne Did an Interview With a Sacramento News Station, and It Was a Hilarious Train Wreck    

Press-junket interviews are usually boring—a chance for actors to hone their sound bites as they’re asked the same questions hundreds of times by a never-ending line of journalists. But sometimes, they go off the rails. Such was the case when 22-year-old model, actress, and Taylor Swift pal Cara Delevingne called into local news show Good Day Sacramento to promote her new teen drama Paper Towns. The interview goes from banal to train wreck in 60 seconds flat—and while Delevingne could have been a little more animated and receptive, Good Day Sacramento’s anchors get credit for turning a lackluster interview into a disaster by asking the stupidest questions imaginable and basically ignoring Delevingne’s answers.

You really must watch the interview in full to appreciate its awkward glory. Highlights include the anchors calling Delevingne “Carla,” implying she couldn’t be bothered to read the book the movie is based on, laughing dismissively at her sincere answer to a question about similarities between her and her character, and, finally, scolding her for not being peppy enough during the interview. By the time Good Day Sacramento’s Marianne McClary condescendingly offers to “let you go take a little nap, maybe get a Red Bull,” it’s clear that the anchors think Delevingne is insufficiently grateful for their (superficial) interest in her movie. It’s hard to imagine the anchors treating an older actor—or a male actor—with quite as much disdain as they do Delevingne, but luckily the anchors take the high road after Delevingne signs off by gossiping about her mood and playing a sound effect of hissing cats over her photo.