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Wilco Achieves Peak ’90s, Covers Pavement’s “Cut Your Hair”

Back in 2013, Wilco kicked off their Solid Sound Festival with a set entirely comprised of fan-requested covers—a 27-song extravaganza in which the band played favorites by Daft Punk, Television, the Rolling Stones, and more. Perhaps the best of those covers was their take on Pavement’s “Cut Your Hair,” a song perfectly suited to Jeff Tweedy’s jangly, scuffed-up vocals.

Mediocre videos of the performance have been circulating for a year or so, but now we have this thrilling, high-definition footage, courtesy of the band’s forthcoming documentary Every Other Summer. The clip also begins with some candid moments behind the scenes, in which we get a glimpse of the group’s rushed, frenzied attempts to learn dozens of new songs in a couple of days.