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Watch Amy Schumer’s Glamour Speech Make a Roomful of Women’s Mag Editors Blush    

Accepting Glamour’s Trailblazer award earlier this week, Amy Schumer’s speech meandered through some wacky, subversive, and very funny territory. But the best part of this video may be the audience full of women’s magazine staffers cracking up at every single line—even as Schumer skewered the world of women’s mags and their body image fixation (“I’m probably 160 pounds right now and I can catch a dick whenever I want”). She also recalled getting her first period at the same time as she lost her two front teeth. Apparently, it felt like being a “jack-o-lantern with tits” and “werewolf” legs.

Schumer did express gratitude to Glamour for being the first place to tell her to “just be you” in her cover shoot. But true to form, her speech “burned all the bridges possible.”