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Here’s the First Trailer for Netflix’s Intimate Tig Notaro Doc, Tig

A lot has been written about all the calamities that befell stand-up comedian Tig Notaro in 2012—in the space of a few months, she got a life-threatening infection in her intestine, lost her mother in a freak accident, went through a breakup with her longtime girlfriend, and, to top it all off, found out she had cancer throughout her chest—and the extraordinary way she responded to them: In August of that year, she took the stage and turned some brutally honest discussion of her hardships into what Louis C.K. called “one of the greatest standup performances I ever saw.”

But somewhat less has been written about the strange way that instantly legendary stand-up set changed Notaro’s life forever. The deeply personal new documentary Tig, which premiered this year at Sundance to a standing ovation, chronicles Notaro’s effort to follow up on that remarkable set, her courtship of her fiancée, and her struggles to have children. While it’s hard to offer a more intimate look at Notaro than she already offers regularly on stage—in November, she even stunned her audience at one stand-up set by performing topless—the charming documentary rewards fans hungry for more of her dry wit and unusual life as, in her words, “the unluckiest unlucky person.”

You can watch the first trailer for the documentary (which will get a wide release on Netflix on July 17) above, and watch highlights from our interview with Notaro from Sundance below.