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Here’s the First Teaser Trailer for Pixar’s Next Movie, The Good Dinosaur

Everyone knows that a six-mile-wide asteroid helped kill off the dinosaurs. What this Pixar movie presupposes is, maybe it didn’t?

OK, maybe not everyone will get an Eli Cash vibe from this teaser, but there’s not a lot to go on. I’m tempted to say that this premise is not as imaginative as we’re used to from Pixar (a company famous for talking toys, space robots in love, and flying balloon houses!), or that the animation doesn’t exactly look like the giant leap forward that we’re used to—but given Pixar’s track record with original features, and given the ecstatic reviews for Inside Out, it’s probably best that we all call our families now to tell them that this is the movie we’ll be seeing this Thanksgiving.The Good Dinosaur is due out Nov. 25.