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Maisie Williams’ New Movie The Falling Looks Extremely Creepy

In The Falling, Maisie Williams plays an intense young lady named Lydia, whose classmates are dropping like flies from dizzy spells—and apparently, she is the only one who wants to do anything about it. The psychological drama, directed by Carol Morley (Dreams of a Life), is set in rural England in 1969. “Are you going to fight for the truth?” Lydia asks an eerily unresponsive roomful of students in this new teaser for the movie. The fainting epidemic began after a tragedy at the school, and all the authority figures seem bent on keeping its origins a secret.

“You’re all asleep!” Lydia scolds as she’s calmly ushered from the still-quiet room. “Kill the system. It’s killing you!”

U.S. audiences can find out for themselves if Williams manages to kill said system on Aug. 7 when the movie hits theaters and VOD. In the meantime, here’s the official trailer, released in February.