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Hilarious New Meme Proves Shia LaBeouf Should Have Been a Motivational Speaker

If you still need a kick in the ass to start your week, a ponytailed Shia LaBeouf is here, telling you to “DO IT! JUST! DO IT!” It all started with a 30-minute video collaboration with students from London’s Central Saint Martins art school, in which LaBeouf performs monologues written by various students in front of a green screen. Joshua Parker is credited with writing the best one: a hilarious one-minute motivational diatribe, urging you—nay, commanding you—to “MAKE! YOUR DREAMS! COME TRUE!” This is all while LaBeouf punctuates his speech with intermittent miniature sumo squats and uses his hands to squash what appears to be an invisible pear.

As inspiring as the speech itself is, the Internet has meme’d it to perfection. The video hit YouTube on Wednesday, and since then it’s been a field day. Here are some of the best adaptations:

LaBeouf speaks for all of us, imploring Luke Skywalker to stop whining (“just do it or do it not …”):

“I’m sorry, Shia, I’m afraid I can’t do that.”:

LaBeouf encourages the Avengers to start avenging:

LaBeouf shouts from the hilltops of Teletubbyland:

A less Hollywood interpretation, wherein LaBeouf won’t get off a layperson’s porch: