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Watch Channing Tatum Star as “Magic Mike” in Scenes Written by School Kids

If you liked the first Magic Mike but thought it needed a little something extra—like, say, aliens—then you’ll appreciate these Magic Mike scripts written by like-minded elementary school children. As they previously did with Birdman, the producers of The Tonight Show asked kids aged 5 to 9 to write and submit short scenes based on the film’s title—and nothing else.

The real Magic Mike, Channing Tatum, joined Jimmy Fallon to perform three of these skits, in which the titular character fixes a deflated bike tire, lets aliens invade Earth, and sings a moving duet with a character named Magic Bird. Tatum manages to make innocuous-sounding lines such as, “I’m like regular Mike, except magic,” surprisingly suggestive, but then maybe that’s just because the trailer for Magic Mike XXL is still fresh in our minds.