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Jurassic World Just Had the Biggest Friday Opening in Box Office History

The heroes of Jurassic World.

Photo by Chuck Zlotnick  © 2015  Universal Pictures

So much for superheroes. Just a few weeks after Avengers: Age of Ultron opened with the second-biggest Friday gross ever, Jurassic World has stomped all over the box office with a massive, $64 million Friday take. That’s enough to catapult it over Age of Ultron and the first Avengers movie for the largest Friday gross of all time, and the third-largest single-day take ever.

The movie’s opening day numbers—the “pure” Friday gross plus late-night Thursday ticket sales—clocked in at $82 million, which puts it at third all-time, behind Age of Ultron and the final Harry Potter film. There’s a small chance the movie claims the largest-ever opening weekend—a record still held by Avengers’ $207 million debut—but, at the very least, these numbers show that it’s nearly impossible not to monetize peoples’ love for dinosaurs. After careful consideration, audiences have decided to wholeheartedly endorse this park.

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