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Watch the Evolution of Movie Dinosaurs From 1914 Through Today. (They’ve Definitely Improved.)

People love dinosaurs—some a little too much—and our dinomania has always been reflected on the big screen. As this video of their evolution demonstrates, movie dinosaurs have come in many forms over the past hundred years, created by puppetry, stop motion, animatronics, and CGI.

The original 1993 Jurassic Park was considered a game changer for the way it employed special effects to create the enormous creatures, but its use of CGI pales in comparison to that of its latest successor, Jurassic World. Still, if you think Jurassic Park has aged, consider that One Million B.C. was nominated for an Oscar in 1940 for its visual effects, which included an alligator with a fin on its back and a pig in a triceratops suit.

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