Why ClickHole Is the Best Thing on the Internet

For the unconvinced, here’s a collection of the best ClickHole stories.

Thank goodness for ClickHole.

Photo illustration by Slate. Photo by Oleksandr Kalinichenko/Shutterstock.

This week I profiled ClickHole, the Onion spinoff dedicated to satirizing the social web. I had a good time hanging out in the company’s Chicago offices and talking to its young staff about what they do, but one particular pleasure of writing the piece was going back through nearly a year’s worth of ClickHole pieces and rereading my favorites. (The one-year anniversary of the site’s launch is June 12.) Here are 10 pieces so great that they convinced me to write that “the way Playboy embodied the voice of 1965, and Ms. embodied the voice of 1972, and Spy embodied the voice of 1988, ClickHole embodies the voice of our own misbegotten era.” These pieces perfectly embody the ClickHole ideal: They are hilarious, and they make me feel terrible. Enjoy?!