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Bryce Dallas Howard Would Like to Remind You: “I Am Not Jessica Chastain”

Red-haired actresses Jessica Chastain and Bryce Dallas Howard are often mistaken for each other, most recently when many misidentified Howard as Chastain in Jurassic World. Poking fun at the confusion on her Instagram account yesterday, Chastain posted a video, apparently of herself singing a song—only for the singer to remove her sunglasses and reveal that it was actually her lookalike, Bryce Dallas Howard, all along, lip-syncing the words, “I am not Jessica Chastain.”

The soundbite Howard lip-syncs comes from a video created by YouTube user legolambs called JESSICA CHASTAIN: The Musical (Bryce Dallas Howard), sung from Howard’s point of view by Stephanie Koeing. The song also contains such gems as “I’m the one from Lady in the Water” and “don’t you tell me I was great in Interstellar / Go up to Jessica instead and you can tell her.”