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Björk’s New Music Video Is 360 Degrees of Loveliness  

Sunday marks the final day of Björk’s disappointing, discombobulating MoMA retrospective, but the artist has now shared one of the exhibit’s few commended features: an interactive, 360-degree music video for Vulnicura cut “Stonemilker.”

The video’s museum installation was decidedly more immersive, as it involved strapping on a virtual-reality headset that placed you in the middle of a craggy stretch of Icelandic coastline. But watching the video on a computer (note: it works best with Chrome) is still a pretty transporting experience, one that allows you to follow Björk around the beach or merely stare at the gently lapping waves of the Atlantic. Also of note: The location, a lighthouse point on the outskirts of Reykjavik called Grótta, is actually where Björk wrote “Stonemilker,” lending an additional layer of meaning to the video’s circular form.