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Admiral Ackbar Plans a Heist of the Death Star in This Star Wars-Ocean’s Eleven Mashup

Today’s mashup you didn’t know you needed combines two of cinema’s more well-known briefing scenes: Admiral Ackbar’s Episode VI run-through of the rebels’ attack on the Death Star and George Clooney’s laid-back explication, in Ocean’s Eleven, of how he’s going to rob the Bellagio.

Some slick editing from Synaptic Studios makes this well worth the watch—the pairing of Ackbar’s mottled visage with Clooney’s velvet voice is particularly funny, as is the presence of tinkling casino lounge music in the command center of a rebel starship.

*Correction, June 15, 2015: This post originally misstated that the Star Wars clip was from Episode IV. It’s from Episode VI.