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Will Ferrell Brought Back Harry Caray to Say Farewell to David Letterman

Last night, Will Ferrell appeared in the Letterman audience as his alter ego: Chicago Cubs announcer Harry Caray. Looking as bewildered and slovenly as ever, Caray joined Letterman onstage for a brief conversation that made wonderfully little sense. It was a perfect Ferrell farewell to the Late Show host.

Letterman has long been a fan of the Harry Caray character, and had Ferrell play Caray during his March 18 visit to the show. In that appearance, though, Ferrell was not in full sportscaster costume, so it only made sense for him to return and take the stage during Letterman’s monologue. On Monday night, Ferrell was in perfect form, replete with crazy hair, unkempt tie, and mouth constantly making incoherent shapes.