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The Grand Budapest Hotel Becomes The Grand Overlook Hotel in Wes Anderson’s The Shining

Still from YouTube

Most movie mashups force two disparate films together to mild comic effect, but Steve Ramsden’s coupling of Kubrick’s The Shining and Wes Anderson’s Grand Budapest Hotel is something more: an expertly edited reimagining that educates as much as it entertains.

Ramsden seamlessly threads together scenes from both films, creating a hybrid plot that includes Jack Nicholson’s Jack Torrance and Ralph Fiennes’ Monsieur Gustave engaging in some uncannily coherent conversation. The real reason this works, though, is Ramsden’s eye for the films’ similarities, which include neatly framed compositions and color palettes that delight in deep reds and whimsical pastels. Turns out two of cinema’s most famous hotels had more in common than we thought.