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Scarlett Johansson Falls for Ultron in SNL’s Black Widow: Age of Me

The romance no one saw coming.

Still from YouTube

Black Widow, Scarlett Johansson’s motorcycle-riding, butt-kicking Russian spy, gets a fairly significant storyline in the latest Avengers movie, but the fact remains that she—and most other female superheroes—have gotten short shrift when it comes to stand-alone films.

Of course, even if Marvel did make those films, it’s likely that they’d hew to some rather shopworn stereotypes. Enter SNL’s trailer for Black Widow: Age of Me, a “story of a superhero and her super romance,” in which Natasha Romanoff complains about her high heels, snags an internship with a New York fashion magazine, and gets a good look at Ultron’s, er, machinery. It’s the superhero movie we don’t want, need, or deserve, but Thor as the rom-com “sassy gay friend” makes for some pretty good laughs.