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Sorority Sisters Confront a Masked Murderer in Ryan Murphy’s Scream Queens

Rush week gets a wee more intense in Scream Queens.

Still from YouTube

At long last we have the trailer for Ryan Murphy’s new series, Scream Queens. The plot: 20 years after an unsolved house murder, Wallace University’s Kappa Kappa Tau is forced by a campus dean (Jamie Lee Curtis) to accept all prospective pledges. Sorority president Chanel (Emma Roberts)—whose underlings include Abigail Breslin, Lea Michele, and Nasim Pedrad—isn’t too pleased with the mandate, but her problems get a tad more pressing when a masked devil starts slashing sisters one by one.  

Blood, banter, and a shirtless Nick Jonas ensue. The Mean Girls vibe here is obvious, and Roberts herself sees the series as a hybrid of that film and Friday the 13th. Murphy, for his part, has stated that one person will die each episode, with the killer—my money’s on Curtis—being revealed in the season finale. Scream Queens premieres in September.