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Real Housewives of King’s Landing Should Be an Actual Bravo Show

King’s Landing has gotten a lot cattier in this season of Game of Thrones. The capital city has never been a stranger to infighting, but Cersei and Margaery have taken their sniping and subterfuge up a notch as they duke it out to see who will control Westeros. (Because let’s be real, it was never going to be Tommen.) In honor of their brilliantly biting verbal squabbles, one fan has created the perfect parody: The Real Housewives of King’s Landing.

Relive the sickest burns from queen and “dowager queen,” cleverly spliced with on-set interviews to create that Real Housewives vibe. Bravo should pick this one up just for the reunion special: Imagine the beautiful calamity if they could manage to get Sansa in the same room as Cersei. (Perhaps bribe her with lemon cakes?) And if she brought along her charmingly psychotic husband-to-be? TV magic.