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President Obama Went on Letterman to Say Goodbye on Behalf of America    

Harry Caray wasn’t the only one to stop by the Late Show yesterday to say goodbye to David Letterman—President Obama himself also made his final appearance. The interview got off to a jokingly shaky start, as Obama accused Letterman of liking Michelle better than him. “I assure you, you are not alone,” he said, adding that he was only on the show to say goodbye to the band.

But the best part came at the end, when the soon-to-be retirees discussed their plans for the “next step” (dominoes, shooting the breeze at Starbucks), and Obama issued a sentimental goodbye—surely only one of many to come. “We’ve grown up with you,” he said, adding later, “You’re part of all of us. You’ve given us a great gift, and we love you.”