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Count All the Extreme Sports in the Trailer for the Entirely Unnecessary Point Break Remake

The bar for remaking classic movies should be high, and Point Break wouldn’t seem to clear it. The 1991 action movie, starring Keanu Reeves as a rookie FBI agent and Patrick Swayze as the enigmatic leader of a gang of surfers who rob banks, is memorable not for a brilliant plot or complexly drawn characters, but for the fine line it walks between hilariously dumb and legitimately thrilling. The magic of Reeves earnestly reporting to his boss, “I caught my first tube this morning, sir,” is not something that can be easily recreated.

And yet, in the age where just about every franchise, no matter how small, gets a reboot or sequel, Point Break has indeed been remade—this time, with snowboarding! (There’s also plenty of skydiving, rock climbing, cliff jumping, and, of course, tube catching.) “I believe that, like me, the people behind these robberies are extreme athletes, using their skills to interrupt international financial markets,” says Johnny Utah, played by a somber Luke Bracey channeling Reeves—or at least channeling Reeves’ hair—in the recently released trailer.

So maybe the new Point Break isn’t even going to try to recapture the goofiness of its predecessor—the trailer’s tone here is far more self-serious than that of the original. But at least it’ll probably have some great action sequences.