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A New Generation of Griswolds Is Headed to Walley World, and They’re Led by Ed Helms

Ed Helms
Rusty is all grown up.

Still from YouTube

It’s now been 32 years since Clark Griswold first packed his family into their station wagon and set out on a cross-country trip in National Lampoon’s Vacation. So it’s time for the next generation of Griswolds to venture to Walley World. In the trailer for Vacation, the new addition to the National Lampoon franchise, Ed Helms plays Clark’s son Rusty, now taking his own family on the journey that defined his childhood.

If you’re wondering whether the world needs to take another trek to Walley World, you’re not alone. “I’ve never even heard of the original vacation,” Rusty’s son tells him. Rusty’s response: “Doesn’t matter. The new vacation will stand on its own.” Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo will reprise their original roles, where they will be joined by Helms and Christina Applegate alongside Charlie Day, Leslie Mann, and Chris Hemsworth. And like the original, the movie seems not only self-aware, but surprisingly dark: Just wait for that last callback at the end of the trailer.