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The Full Kung Fury Is Finally Here, and It’s Free, in All Its Neon, Dinosaur-Riding Glory

Kung Fury, the 30-minute, Kickstarter-funded short film from writer-director Laser Unicorns, also known as David Sandberg, is finally here, and it’s every bit as ninja-filled, ’80s-inspired, and generally bonkers as we hoped it would be. We follow Kung Fury (David Sandberg), a Kung Fu cop prodigy who only works alone, due to a tragic backstory involving a guy splitting in half. Kung Fury must hack his way back in time using clunky computers to take down Adolf Hitler, played by The Lonely Island’s Jorma Taccone.

In addition to this inspired plot, there’s also a dinosaur cop, a police chief with a cigarette perpetually dangling from his mouth, laser raptors, dinosaur-riding Vikings (they really went all in on the dinosaur thing), and robots. That’s basically what the ’80s were like, right? Even if not, from now on, this is how we should all remember the era.