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Jack Black and Jimmy Fallon’s Re-Creation of This Classic Music Video Is “More Than Words”

If you tuned into MTV in the early ’90s, then Extreme’s music video for “More Than Words” is probably burned into your brain. With its black-and-white close-ups of the “funky metal” band’s singer and guitarist unplugging, harmonizing, and doing hair flips—and with its fairly inexplicable shots of the rest of the band sitting around doing nothing but reading magazines—it’s an iconic piece of schlock. So on the Tonight Show on Monday, Jack Black and Jimmy Fallon donned a couple wigs to perform a painstaking, shot-for-shot remake that lovingly recreates every frame of the oh-so-sincere classic.

If you need a refresher to see just how loving this recreation is, we put together this side-by-side comparison: