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Jamie Foxx Got Really, Really Into His Mick Jagger Impression on The Tonight Show

You might expect Jamie Foxx to make a respectable showing on Jimmy Fallon’s “Wheel of Musical Impressions”—after all, this is the man who, in addition to recording several R&B albums, won an Oscar for his uncanny portrayal of Ray Charles in Ray. But you might not expect him to become as deeply invested in “Wheel of Musical Impressions” as he did on the Tonight Show on Tuesday night, committing to each send-up well beyond the few seconds required to earn an audience’s admiration. 

Watch Foxx ham it up as Mick Jagger and John Legend, easily outdoing Fallon’s typically spot-on Barry Gibbs and Bruce Springsteen impressions. It’ll make you pity the next star called on to play “Wheel of Musical Impressions”—as well as anyone who tries to come between Foxx and a microphone.

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